Abstract is my favorite type of Art.  Why my favorite you ask? Because with Abstract; pretty much anything goes because there can be many colors in one Abstract composition and shapes of all kinds that go in different directions.  When I was painting this painting I was thinking about those little candies called nerds and pop rocks. I was in the mood for black and bringing out brighter colors on a black background was just what I wanted to pop out. Abstract

Using a  # 10 filbert brush I was able to make the swirls in this Purple Abstract painting. I also used a painting knife to make the lines and to show marks of thick paint in various places throughout the painting.

Purple Abstract

On this 24 x 30 canvas I used a 5/8 angle shader and a 1 inch angle shader brush to make the swirls and 1/2 circle strokes.

Abstract Sun

This painting came from a sketch. At first I wasn’t going to paint it but had a change of heart. It’s 16 x 20 oil on canvas.

Green and Purple

This painting I call “Interupted” it’s a pretty big painting, 24 x36. Why Interupted you ask? The straight lines are going in one direction while some of the half circles and polka dots are going the other way. This painting took a lot of paint and I was reluctant to have enough. With this painting I used the oil paint straight from the tube and did not thin out the paint with linseed oil.

Interupted 2

Here’s a close up of one area of the painting.

Interupted 3





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