Claude Monet

Claude Monet was born in November of 1840 and died on December of 1926. He was a French Impressionist and lived in Paris, France. His composition “Impression Sunrise” was in an exhibition in April of 1874. “Water Lilies” is yet another painting he did.Monet_Water_Lilies_1916

He finished “Water Lilies” in 1916 and today it is in the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo. My favourite is “The Magpie” which he painted in 1869.the-magpie-1869.jpg!Large

A nice snowy scene on a winters day. I suspect that Monet went through quite a bit of titanium white and the lightest shades of blue/gray.impression-sunrise.jpg!Large.jpg

I saved “Impression Sunrise” for last to touch on one thing. It may seem that the sun is the brightest spot on the canvas, it is in fact (when measured with a photometer) the same brightness/luminance as the sky.



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