Table Project

Several years ago a friend gave me a beautiful solid wood table. The center of the table was ruined from the water of a plant overflowing that didn’t have a tray or a plate under it.  I sanded the table down with a course grade block of sandpaper; taking the first few layers of lacquer off until I made my way into a fresh layer of solid wood. Using painters tape I cut long strips of tape in the shape of zebra stripes and pressed them onto the table in the same direction till the table was covered. I painted in between the stripes of painters tape all white paint and waited 24 hours for it to dry. Day two I pulled up the painters tape and than painted those areas with black paint.Table

To paint the legs of the table correctly I cut strips of painters tape and placed them equally apart on each leg. I painted the legs in the same manner as I did the top of the table. I purchased a gallon of black oil based paint for about $16.00 and 1/2 gallon of oil based white for $7.00. BTW, this was regular house paint. Five years later; the table is still just as nice as the day I painted it with a few paint spills that are really small.Table 2

If your wondering what that thing is under the table it’s a Giraffe made from cardboard that I haven’t finished yet. That’s another project for another blog.


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