Psychedelic Art

My most recent painting “Interupted” came  from a sketch ’14 x 17′ done with pink, black and purple sharpie markers. The sketch took about 2 hours.Sketch of Interupted

The painting “Interrupted” is 24 x 36 oil on canvas. Using various colors, french ultramarine, crimson alizarin, vandike brown, orange, yellow, sap green and black I was able to compose this painting. The painting is still wet and will take the better part of next week to completely dry. I choose the name Interrupted because each section of the painting is just that; interrupted at every angle where a new pattern ends and a new one begins.Interupted

This painting took about 3 days to complete and I really enjoyed working with all the different colors. The paint is pretty thick on this painting and up close you can see the texture. Interupted 3

Now I’m off to the next project. Hope you enjoyed this Interruption.Interupted 4


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