Black & White

When I grew up photography was still in black and white and my Father was a Photographer.  I didn’t pay much attention to the development of the pictures but I liked them when I got to see the final prints. I traveled all over the world with my Father taking pictures of places and things and occasionally he’d include me in the photo. Since than I’ve been drawn to black and white.

Black and white photography was invented  in the mid 1820’s by a French Inventor named Nicephore Niepce. Black and white photos were commercially introduced in 1839 and that’s when it became practical photography.Elephant

I drew this paisley style Elephant with a fine point sharpie marker. The Tiger I did several weeks ago and the abstract Turtle as well. Round Turtle

Turtle 2

Tiger sketch

The first color processed photo was made by two Frenchmen by the name of the Lumiere brothers and hit the market in 1907. What made color photography happen was electronic sensors of light sensitive chemicals (what we know today as developer and fixer) that record color information at the time of exposure.

Color is much more pleasing to the eyes as I’m sure you’ll agree; however, I still like black and white from time to time.

Not sure if this is a Crane or a Heron. I drew it with a fine point black sharpie. Took about 2 hours.



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