We have some of the most amazing animals on our planet and today I’ll be sharing a few of my animal paintings. The Giraffe’s can get up to incredible heights and are well known for  their tall tree eating abilities. The males can get up to 16 to 20 feet tall and the females can be as tall as 15 feet. Here I’ve painted a Giraffe paisley style ’16 x 20′ oil on canvas.Giraffee 16x20

Our oceans have some really colorful creatures as well. The Octopus can take on just about any shape it wants to. For example; if there were a fairly good sized glass bottle laying at the bottom of the sea the Octopus could get inside of the bottle and take up a new home. After some research I found out that the blue ring Octopus is deadly. If you come into contact with the ink that the blue ring Octopus ejects out it shuts down the respiratory and cardiovascular systems in seconds. Sadly there isn’t an antidote.Octopus

This sea painting is ’22 x 28′ oil on canvas.

Here we have a Cheetah ’22 x 28′ oil on canvas. A lot of the Cheetah’s live in Africa and can run up to 68 to 75 miles an hour. That’s 50 times faster than our house cat can run all hyped up on catnip.Cheeta

Saving Zebra’s for last, this painting is a duplicate of a puzzle I purchased over 20 years ago in a toy store. It’s ’24 x 30′ oil on canvas. The second Zebra painting is ’22 x 28′ oil on canvas. Surprisingly the male stallion in charge of the herd stays up all night long to protect the entire herd on the Serengeti from the Lions.Zebra Puzzel


There are 3 different types of Zebra’s. Plains, Mountain and Grevy’s. The differences are the way in which the patterns in the stripes are formed on the Zebra skin.Stripes


Leopard on 18 x 24 canvas



Owl on 12 x 36 canvas



Eagle above the clouds on 18 x 24 canvas


Just finished up this Phoenix on a 16 x 24 canvas.


Here’s a Heron I painted a few summers ago.


McCaw birds are really beautiful but expensive. I did some research on these birds and they range in price from $500.00 to well over a grand. Their wings have to clipped by a Vet on a regular bases and they require a lot of attention. Should they not get the attention they need they start pulling out their feathers and begin to take part in self mutilation practices. Additionally they are very loud. This painting of the McCaw is oil on canvas 16 x 20.





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