Cardboard and Cardstock

It’s been a while I know; just didn’t feel inspired to be creative. That happens sometimes. Anyway…….

Don’t throw away your cardboard, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls or card stock you can make a ton of stuff with it. I recently made a Giraffe out of cereal boxes.

Cardboard Giraffe 2

I paper mached the entire neck, body and legs first and than painted the spots on the Giraffe and used a hot glue gun to put the Giraffe together.

Cardbrd Giraffe

It took several months to save up all of the paper towel rolls but I was able to finish the Giraffe in about 3 months.

I’ve also made a Butterfly wreath, a Ladybug wreath and a Valentines Day wreath out of cereal boxes.


I made a butterfly stencil out of cardboard and painted each butterfly until they dried and cut them out. I pieced them together with craft glue and placed a circle of cardboard in between each butterfly.


I did the same for the Lady bug wreath and here’s a pic of the back of the wreath to show you that it’s really just cardboard from a cereal box.

Cereal box


The Valentines wreath was purely cardboard as well but I used card stock to make the larger hearts and foam cut out hearts to give a finishing touch.

Valentine crdbrd


With all of the leftover tissue paper and hearts I had left from Valentines Day decorations I made a Valentines Day Poster from cardboard.


And lastly, I made a Cat Poster Board out of card stock, left over scraps of fabric and paper letters I had in a box I wasn’t using.

Cat poster

I’m working on a Dog Poster Board at the moment. When it’s complete I’ll be sure to post it here.

Dog Poster


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