Calligraphy has been around since 600 BC when the Latin alphabet was first established. There are many different types of Calligraphy and I’ll name a handful here. Arabic, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Persian and many other types of Calligraphy are practiced in the world today. For more information see this Wikipedia page:

I’ve been practicing Calligraphy a little over a year now and I really enjoy it. It does require a good posture and a certain tactile type of touch when using a dip pen. One needs to sit up straight to effectively write with a dip pen. Holding a dip pen is not the same as holding a regular pen or a paint brush. When writing or drawling with a Calligraphy pen one must tilt the pen in a certain direction or keep the pen at a consistent angle.

I’ve found that the Calligraphy Ink made by Windsor & Newton is a very good grade of ink.


That’s the bottle on the far left. I haven’t tried Higgins Calligraphy ink yet but I was in my local Arts and Crafts shop and remembered I was running low on ink.

Over the last 8 months I’ve sat and practiced the alphabet and began to experiment with different nibs (tips that are used in the end of calligraphy dip pens) and see how to manipulate the pen on paper.

This particular Calligraphy dip pen that I purchased is made of solid brass and is exceptionally nice. It’s made by a company called Papier Plume. I highly recommend this company as the owner (Patrick Rideau) has every thing you could possibly imagine for Calligraphy supplies.


One of the first things I had in mind once I got down the techniques of holding and using the Calligraphy dip pen was to re- due a sketch of the Joker that I composed about a year ago. Originally the Joker was drawl in in pencil as are the other sketches mentioned ahead.


Perfect picture to hang on the front door for Halloween eh?

Yesterday I worked on a Cross and an Octopus. The Cross took a lot more ink than I had thought. The Octopus didn’t take near the ink that the Cross required.



Having a liking for the character Poison Ivy I drew her last year in pencil and re- did the sketch with the Calligraphy dip pen.


I tried my hand at a Lion Sun and a Lion. The Lion Sun was yet another sketch that I composed a while ago and re -did the composition in Calligraphy ink.




And lastly I tried my hand at a Japanese style Dragon with his head turned to one side.



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