The Lion And Other Cats

When we see a Lion the first thing that generally comes to mind is “The King of the Jungle”. Lions live in a pride where there are many females and their cubs. For the most part there is generally one large male Lion that is in charge of the pride and keeps them safe.

Male’s weigh about 420 pounds and the largest ever before Lion recorded came in at 600 pounds. Male Lions stand about 4 feet tall, while females are lighter and weigh in at about 280 and are shorter than the males.

Using a charcoal pencil I sketched this Lion on an 11 X 14 sketch pad.


Looking and studying the sketch I composed this Lion on 18 x 24 canvas in oils.


As a fan of the big cats I’ll study them over the next few weeks and post what I sketch and paint.


Known well for their speed, Cheetahs can run from 68 to 75 miles per hour.  They are easily distinguished by the black lines in their faces that start at their eyes and come down the front of their faces around the jaw line. It almost looks as if they have a sad look on their face.

In this painting I’ve composed 3 Cheetahs in an abstract style.



Tigers are really beautiful cats and they are the better swimmers of all of the big cats. Just finished this 11 x 14 sketch in pencil. I’ll most likely paint this Tiger but not until the new canvas arrives.


This Leopard is mixed media. I used prismacolor pencils to give the Leopard color and dipped the paint brush in paint thinner to bring out the burnt sienna a little more. The fur around the eyes and the whiskers I did with a size zero brush and some white acrylic paint. I glued the sketch to cardboard and made the frame from decorative card stock.

Leopard Mixed Media



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