More Abstract

I found this picture of this Women done in abstract on a wallpaper website. I was mesmerized at all the different colors and decided to try to paint it. A big fan of black and white and multiple colors mixed together I gave my hand a try at it. The painting is actually not finished yet but wanted to go ahead and post it to see if anyone would suggest anything that could be added to it.


Idea’s anyone?

This painting isn’t my normal medium. I painted the background in black acrylic paint and waited for it to dry. I dipped a long piece of string in red, yellow and blue paint to make this 12 x 14 painting.


I call this 16 x 20 painting Abstract Scratch. Why scratch you ask? Scratch because I used an old gift card that I had laying around. I didn’t want to throw away the card because it had a picture of a cake with candles on it that I could use later to make a birthday card if needed.  The gift card worked almost as well as one of my painting knife’s.

Abstract Scratch


Here’s a 16 x 20 painting that I did using one of my painting knives. I used red and black because I was pretty hot under the collar over a injection that a Dr. couldn’t administer.

Black and Red Abstract

This abstract painting is 16 x 20 and was painted well over a year ago. I used turquoise, titanium white and orange along with a painting knife to create this painting.

Tissue Paper



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