Spring is finally here. The change in weather certainly is nice and the trees and flowers are budding everywhere. Inspired by the nice weather and hearing the birds singing outside of my studio window I decided to try my hand at flowers. Over the years I tried to draw flowers and just grew frustrated but this year I was able to really focus in on them and get them right.

This Butterfly On A Rose is in oil on 16 x 20 canvas.

Butterfly on a Rose

One of my favorite flowers are Tiger Lilies. They seem to be mostly orange however they grow in  pink, yellow and white as well. These Tiger Lilies and in oil and the canvas is 16 x 20. Hope you like them.

Lilly's Finished

What’s your favorite flower?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. catsartpics says:

    Change is a good thing:-


  2. aquibview says:

    May favorite colour is apple green. You forgot thorns in your rose painting.


  3. catsartpics says:

    Thanks Aquibview.
    I’m working on another rose painting and I’ll be sure to include some thorns.


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