Paper Mache Robot Project

Wondering how I made that icosahedron? In this post I’ll not only teach you how to make an icosahedron but how to use one for a paper mache Robot’s head.

To get started your going to need a cereal box, scissors, a marker and some masking tape.  Draw a triangle about an inch tall and use that to trace out 20 triangles and cut them all out.


Triangels Cut Out

Once all 20 triangles are cut out assemble them with masking tape. Where the arrows are pointing is where you join all five together.

Five triangles

Top being assembled

Five triangles assembled

Assemble 5 more again till you have two 5 piece tops. Next assemble 10 triangles with masking tape. Bring them together where the arrows are.

Ten triangels

Ten triangles assembled

Join the 2 five piece tops to the 10 that you assembled one for each side.

Three pieces assembled

Your icosahedron should look like so-

Icosahedron assembled

Icosahedron finished

Next you will need a large mouthwash bottle or a large soft soap bottle for the Robots body. This is where you will begin to apply the paper mache technique to the bottle and the icosahedron.


Crab a medium size bowl and add 2 tablespoons of flour to the bowl. Add water and stir until you have a paste but not thick. Begin to dip your newspaper strips into the mixture and attach them to the bottle and the icosahedron.

Flour and water

Strips of newspaper

Cut longer strips for the bottle and shorter strips for the icosahedron.

Paper mache'

Bottle paper mache'

Paper mache' icos

Let your paper mache bottle and icosahedron dry overnight. Once dry you can use acrylic paints to paint them both. Acrylic dries within a few hours so it shouldn’t be long. The colors are up to you. I used pink for the girl Robot and blue for the boy Robot.


I used a pretty blue and made yellow strips. The design is up to you. Have fun.

Bottle Painted

Once the bottle and icosahedron is painted and dry it’s time to get the glue gun, eyes, pom poms, wires, washers, old computer parts or other things that you can pick up form your local craft store.

Parts for Robot

Star by gluing the icosahedron to the lid of the bottle. Cool how that icosahedron becomes the Robots head; aye? Glue the eyes on and you’ll be well on your way to gluing parts onto the Robot.

Robot 1

Robot 2

I used pom poms from the craft store for ears and a foam sticker heart for the Robots heart. I had an old circuit board from a computer mouse that went south so I hot glued it below the heart.

Robot 3

I had some lady bug felt left over from making lady bug magnets so I used a piece to give the Robot a scarf/tie and a nose.

Robot 4

For the mouth I used a piece of ribbon that had a design that looks like teeth.

Final pic of Boy Robot

For the arms I used a piece of metal that you have to remove from the PCI slot on a motherboard in order to place your new graphics card in.

Last week I made a girl Robot:-

Front of Girl Robot

For the girl Robot I used a small graphics card from an old computer and glued a wooden heart from the craft store to make it look good. I used computer keys too in various places on the robot and gave her the name Kas on her back. The shawl around her neck is a piece of zebra ribbon. The green dots are small dabs of neon green acrylic paint.

Back of Girl robot

The arms I made with cardboard from the cereal box. The key I picked up from the craft store a while back.

There you have it. Never thought a paper mache Robot could be so cool.

I recommend this for Mom’s and kids as it’s a neat craft project. Great for rainy days, spring break or anytime. Enjoy your Robot.

I don’t recommend this for children under 5 as small parts could easily be aspirated. Small parts shouldn’t be laying around as I’m sure you’ll agree. Chocking is downright frightening.




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