Two Leopards

Being a fan of the big cats I was easily inspired to  work on these two Leopards over the last few days.

I spent the better part of Tuesday and Wednesday sketching out these Leopards using my prisma colored pencils. I used several layers of burnt sienna and a dark yellow (goldenrod) to get the color of the Leopards coat just right.

In this sketch I wasn’t able to make whiskers with the white or cream colored prisma colored pencils. Because of the amount of wax in the pencils it just glided right over the areas I wanted to draw in whiskers. Here he is winking in this 14 x 17 inch sketch.

Leopard winking

After some research I found that some colored pencils are wax based while others are oil based. With further research I found that most artist’s prefer the polychromos pencils instead. After learning that I’ll have to purchase a pack of the polychromos pencils and give them a spin on my next sketch.

With this second Leopard I did a few things different. I colored all of his spots first in purple and than blended in a second layer of black and that gave me more of that rich black that I was looking for. Later when the sketch was finished I used a small liner brush and painted in the whiskers with white acrylic paint.

Leopard done with Prismacolor

I pressed considerably harder with the burnt sienna and the darker yellow with this Leopard. I said that because my reference photo showed his coat to be darker than of the first Leopard I drew.

Here’s the Leopard framed.


Next up, I’m off to study the snow leopards and the clouded leopards. Here’s a peak at the Snow Leopard I started working on.

Snow Leopard





7 Comments Add yours

  1. Namrata says:

    Woah! You’re really talented 🙂


    1. catsartpics says:

      Thank You!
      That’s kind of you to say.


      1. Namrata says:

        Well deserved! 🙂


  2. Just Imagine says:

    Wow! Your drawings are really good!


    1. catsartpics says:

      Thank You for your kind words.


  3. catsartpics says:

    I’m smiling thanks!


  4. hameedamu says:

    Yeah so Excellent u written above about leopards good #KeeP iT Up


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