A Clouded Leopard

Looking at the Clouded Leopard and studying this beautiful cat I composed this 14 x 17 colored pencil drawling over the last several days.

The first few layers for the Leopards coat and spots I used light umber and violet. Since this was the first layer I used light umber as well for the eyes.

Clouded Leopard 1

In the second and third step I used light umber but put an additional layer of golden rod over the light umber.  I than applied another layer of black to the stops and burnt sienna for the eyes pressing harder this time.

Clouded Leopard 2

By the time I had made the final portrait of the Leopard I lost count of how many layers of color I used but was able to recall them in the end.

Clouded Leopard final

To create this Clouded Leopard I used 3 layers of light umber, 2 layers of golenrod, 1 layer of violet and 2 layers of black for the spots. For the tree branch I used 2 layers of dark brown and one layer of dark umber. Now for the background I used several different shades of green. One layer of spring green, 1 layer of true green and 1 layer of dark green with a small amount of yellow.

That’s a total of 15 layers of color using the Prisma colored pencils.

Using a very small amount of white acrylic I painted in the fur in the Leopards ears and whiskers. I really enjoed making this Clouded Leopard and I hope you have enjoyed viewing him.

Now I’m off to study and draw some Snow Leopards.





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