Chinese Tiger

A friend of mine really likes Tigers so I was inspired to draw the other day.

I wasn’t able to do much research on Tigers but I did find out that they are very good swimmers and they only attack from behind. I watched a documentary where the people at a local zoo would wear a mask backwards to fool the Tigers and to keep from getting attacked.

Here I used lots of burnt sienna and orange to make the Tigers coat just right.

Chinese Tiger

Just like with the Leopards that I’ve done I used white acrylic to paint in the Tigers mane and whiskers. This sketch is 14 X 17 done with Prisma colored pencils.

Chinese Tiger Finished

I’m undecided on painting this Tiger because oil paints take a long time to dry and this Tiger will take many layers of color. I’d be happy to paint him if I’m commissioned to do so.

BTW I ordered the Polychromos pencils. I look forward to having oil based pencils verses wax based pencils. They should arrive any day now and when they do I’ll be sure to compose a nice picture and share it with all of you.

Thank you all for your kind words and likes.








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