Birds In Colored Pencil

Working hard over the weekend I was able to create these 4 pictures of birds with my new Polychromos colored pencils.

First up is the Robin. I used 1 layer of purple and 3 layers of black for the head and the wings. For the breast and the body of the Robin I used a medium red as a base and light umber for the second layer. For the last 2 layers I used carmine red.

Robin 1

For the tree branch I used walnut brown and for the berries I used pink for the first layer and used carmine red for the second layer.

Robin 2

For the next bird I used several layers of burnt sienna and van dyke brown. This bird was experimental as I didn’t study any reference photos whatsoever.

Brown bird 1

For the tree branch I used light umber and for the buds and the flowers I used dark red and rose.

Brown bird 2

This yellow Bird was a challenge because I am still not use to my new Faber Castell Polychromos pencils. I used yellow cadmium and walnut brown for the feather in the birds wings.

Yellow bird on flower

For the flower I colored several layers of magenta and rose and used leaf green for the background.

This next Bird I didn’t have my new pencils yet but I was able to create this cute green bird sitting on a branch of flowers in a tree. I was really surprised that the Prisma color pencils worked for this bird.


Sorry for the reflection of the sun on the sketch. It was very bright in the window this morning while taking pictures with my Android.

If you have a favorite bird leave me a comment and I’ll try my hand at it.




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  1. hameedamu says:

    Yes ofcuz Birds Are looked Beutifull in sketch but in colored sketch looks almost awesome sometimes look like a itz a real ….


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