A Leopard In Oil

I spent the better part of the last 3 weeks painting a Leopard in oil.

Starting with vandyke brown and lightening it up a bit with some titanium white I was able to make the first layer. The second layer I used burnt sienna but again lightened it up with titanium white and lots of linseed oil and waited about 5 days. Waiting between 3 to 5 days in between was torture. With acrylics I’d be done in one day but I choose to paint in oil.

Leopard 2

Rather than using a boat load of titanium white paint I just allowed the white canvas to show through where the Leopard is all white around his black spots.

The next 2 layers I mixed burnt sienna and yellow orchard to get the final color of the Leopards coat before painting in all of the black spots.

Leopard 3

At first I wasn’t sure about using yellow orchard but it worked out after all. The final painting is on 18 x 24 size canvas and is dry now.

In all it took 4 layers of oil paint for the Leopards coat and one layer of lamp black. I used sap green and watered it down with a lot of linseed oil to show lines of repetition in the background.

Leopard 1

This one is a keeper for sure. To everyone……

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!






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