A Handful Of Bears

Since the change in the weather I decided to work on 3 different kinds of bears. Being fond of  Panda Bears I created this Red Panda eating a bamboo leaf.

The leaves on the bamboo branch took 3 to 4 layers of leaf green to get a nice rich green as did the pandas face with 5 layers of burnt umber, burnt sienna and cadmium red. The areas of black took 3 layers of purple violet before putting the black colored pencil to the paper. I really enjoyed making this bear and I think he turned out cute.

Panda Eating

Here’s another Red Panda done with the polychromos colored pencils from Faber Castell.

Red Panda 2

This next Panda Bear I truly enjoyed because charcoal is so easy to work with. This Panda took about 3 hours to compose.

Black and White Panda

I found out that both Panda’s eat bamboo however the Red Panda will also eat fallen fruits. Red Pandas eat about a pound of bamboo a day where the larger black and white Pandas eat considerably larger portions.

What had gotten this whole bear kick that I was on started was yet again inspiration from my best friends grand daughter. I asked her what her favorite animals were and she proclaimed Pandas. Kids are cool is all I can say!

Here’s a Koala done in several different shades of cool gray and black.

Have you ever noticed how slow Koala’s are? After a quick search I found that they eat the leaves of eucalyptus tress. So basically they are stoned on eucalyptus pretty much most of the time. Eucalyptus is in some of our cough drops and if I’m not mistaken it’s in some of our cough syrups too.

Koala Bear

Working with this Koala was challenging as it took several hours drawling in all that fur.

I wasn’t as inspired when I studied pictures of brown bears and grizzly bears so I’ll maybe check out Polar Bears next.

Have a great day!



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